Stone Floor Care

There is an innovative abrasive process which has been developed by the Apeiron Group and the Squarescrub Company for stone or rock floor care which is used to re-finish, resurface, buff and maintain the specific natural and hard surfaces.

This is a specific procedure which has been engineered and developed specifically to extract deep scrapes and slippage, as well as fix traffic laneways.

The conventional choices for resurfacing and buffing typically need multiple steps employing diamond laced cushion pads, metal fleece cushion pads, caustic acids and considerable amounts of manual labor to re-establish shine.

Most of the solvents are extremely dangerous, hard to utilize and they are a difficult correction, owed to the reality that the polymer is frequently left on the surfaces by the end of the procedure.

An abrasive plan or strategy could be used in the stone, rock and hard surface floor care business by supplying an effective schedule for resurfacing and maintenance of chalcedony, marble, granite, terrazzo, ceramic, concrete and other hard floor surfaces.

While the rough stone and rock care design uses no toxic or harsh chemical, it also needs less labor to implement and leaves behind no chemical residue.