Self Clean Surface

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a broadly used, fully safe and secure element which is commonly used in conventional toothpaste formulations. An extra attribute of titanium dioxide is that it also functions as a forceful photocatalyst. A photocatalyst is a material that triggers a catalyzing counteraction when it is exposed to the sun’s rays of light.

The photocatalyzing capabilities of titanium dioxide have been extensively proven to be able to disintegrate a broad range of natural organic soils.

This procedure happens with no work or intervention from any single individual. It seems difficult to believe but a surface coated with a layer of titanium dioxide will really clean itself when exposed to sunshine!

Titanium dioxide is activated via energy from the ultraviolet end of the sunshine’s spectrum and then responds and reacts with the water encased in the humidity that is present in the air to create the hydroxyl and superoxide ion types of oxygen.

As these kinds of oxygen forcefully move away from the treated surface, the atoms slacken and counteract any soil or dust that has been placed on it, creating the effect of a hard surface which does not require frequent cleaning.

As these ions degrade instantly upon touch with the contaminants, the resultant items of this procedure are only fully safe basic water and carbon dioxide.