HEPA Vacuum

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters were originally invented in the early 40’s and used in the Manhattan Project to stop radioactive airborne contaminates from distributing themselves all through the structures. HEPA filters are so effective that they are still the filtration norm in the 21st century.

Some of the top evaluated HEPA air filtration units available could reach an astronomical filtration competence classification of 99.995 percent efficiency, which means that they will allow through one molecule for each twenty thousand that they catch.

High quality vacuum cleaners almost always incorporate HEPA filtration processes since the technical performance has been proven exceptionally effective for the health of hypersensitivity allergic and asthma patients.

When it is time to buy vacuum cleaners for both commercial and residential structures, specific care ought to be used to guarantee that the highest level of HEPA filtration has been implemented in the designing and creation of the machine. For utmost competence in the HEPA filtration process in a vacuum cleaner, all of the air which is pulled in to the machine must be ejected only through the HEPA filter, with no chance for any air to blow past it. So, sealed HEPA vacuums are the best choice.

These machines are normally identified as True HEPA or Sealed HEPA. There are many vacuum cleaners in the marketplace which indicate HEPA on their tags, but since not all of the air is directed through the HEPA filtration process, they are nowhere close to as effective as the properly designed Sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners.