HEPA filters are often installed in medical center working spaces, operating rooms and wards, as well as silicon computer producing ultra clean spaces. There are many electrostatic air sterilizing machines which operate in combination with HEPA filters to eliminate particles from the air by ionizing them with an electrical current charge. UV C light is also utilized in many air cleaning HVAC systems along with the HEPA filtration. The UV-C radiation inactivates any living bacteria or viruses which might come to be snared inside the filter material itself.

One commercially attainable air refiner supports a rational claim to effectively inactivate the widest common range of bacteria and viruses in the indoor atmosphere. This device is the Sharp Plasmacluster, which was designed by Professor John Oxford at the University of London.

The Sharp Plasmacluster blends HEPA air filtration with a large-scale ion barrage. In the clinical examinations directed by the Sharp Corporation it has been proved to inactivate more than ninety-nine percent of all viruses in the internal atmosphere. This extraordinary success is particularly essential in the cases where immune-compromised patients or other individuals with particular illness profiles are present in the indoor environment.

The Sharp Plasmacluster is a floor standing system which resembles a freely standing air conditioner. The Plasmacluster gear incorporates an ion generator which uses an alternating charge of plasma to break some of the water atoms in the air stream into their particular hydrogen and oxygen ions.