Floor Matting

A time honored concept has been re-imagined with brand new technologies to create an innovative set of fibers, which are being added in to the structure of entrance and floor mats and throw-rugs. These fibers are able to extract soil and contaminants from shoes at a significantly greater rate than the conventional entrance mats widely used in most commercial buildings. These mats are able to accomplish their advanced cleaning without using chemicals. The mats are categorized into 2 universal classes:

Scraper Mats operate as outdoor lobby and open-air soil extraction devices. The dampness, grit, and soil descends under the surface of the mat so that it provides a scrapping action which both acts dry and clean any shoes coming in to the structure from the outdoor environment.

Carpet Mats are specifically produced for indoor uses, and consists of a twofold filament creation that is distinguished by polypropylene filaments which continue to brush away dampness from shoes and also removes a broad variety of dirt and soil.

The most effective way of applying entrance and floor within a Chemical Free Cleaning plan, is to place scraping mats outdoors directly in front of the main entryway, with a carpet mat within the interior side of these doorways.

This two-part combination has proven remarkably effective in cleaning and drying the soles of shoes coming in to the structure. It keeps soil from coming into the building and is equally applicable in both cool and hot climates.