Air Washers

The creation of brand new air cleaning technologies has evolved to such an advanced point that they can now be blended into the various air refiner and humidifier equipment available to HVAC organizations and engineers.

These relatively tiny units utilize only ordinary tap water and do not need any type of toxic or dangerous chemicals to inactivate and nullify the viruses and bacteria which collect within common air filtration process devices.

The procedure of air cleaning begins by chilling the warm and damp atmosphere to well under its dew point by exposing it to water that has been cooled to just above freezing temperatures.

As the air passes through this phase, it exits at a point close to being totally infused with water, but it has decreased dampness capacity. The atmospheric stream is exposed to this cooled water by way of a cradled paddlewheel, waistband or tambour which is always alternating and moving through the cooled water reserve.

There are also optional devices which utilize a resolved cushion as a vaporizing surface which is always dampened by streaming or sprinkled cooled water.

There is also a range of chilled clouding or atomizing kinds of air washing machines which move an extremely dense cloud of cooled water through a twirling funnel or disk. This mechanical process in turn slings water droplets, or triggers a forceful spray, to make extremely small droplets of water fog cloud which is able to move through the air stream, cooling it down and washing contaminants out of the air.