Activated Water

One of the most inventive Chemical Free Cleaning technologies is the use of water electrolysis. Activated water may swiftly become popular for retail and family cleaning alike.

This innovative procedure is able, through 21st century magic, to transform ordinary faucet water into an exceptionally forceful sanitizing cleanser merely by running a little electrical charge through it. It operates primarily on the rules of scientific and electrical engineering.

This actuated water is extraordinary not only in its cleaning capability, but also the fact that its electrical charge will neutralize entirely in as little as thirty to forty-five seconds, leaving only water as residual sediment!

By the finale of the procedure, the cleaning exfoliation’s recovery tank will contain nothing but ordinary un-ionized water and a the collected bulk of soil and dirt: much more than you would reasonably anticipate.

This extraordinary water activation process uses up to 75% less water than the conventional cleaning abrasives and most importantly, the electrolyzed water system outperforms most universal general purpose cleaning liquid.

All of this, of course, with positively no synthetic chemical residue, only water and a temporary and perfectly safe electrical current!