Our Experts

With a Ph.D and M.P.H. in environmental health and environmental microbiology from the University of Minnesota, Bob is past Director of Environmental Health & Safety at Wayne State U. in Detroit, and Biological Safety Officer for USDA at Plum Island Animal Disease Center. His firm provides forensic, public health and general environmental health and safety advisory services to law firms, insurance companies, industry and governmental agencies. Bob is currently a contract instructor with NSF International and serves as part-time Health Director for three towns in Connecticut.


Vince has worked as a consultant and adviser to the cleaning industry since 1973. He is one of the first to apply the concepts of performance based contracting and the application of cleaning measurement sciences in the Real Estate industry. Vince has represented buyers across the country in writing, modifying or updating over 530 building service contracts with an estimated market value of over a nearly a half of a billion dollars in contracted services. He has also written the Extreme Green Cleaning book, with a follow-up edition on the way. He is an innovator and thought leader for creating a toxin-free, Chemical-Free strategy for protecting our health and our ecosystem.