Skeptics Corner

A little skepticism is a healthy thing!

With emerging technologies and innovation, it’s fair to ask: “Does this really work?”

We’ve put together a list of some logical question that we ourselves have asked.

We’d like to share the answers we have verified or received from manufacturers and experts in the field.

The foundation of the Chemical-Free Cleaning Network has been involved in many of these innovative and revolutionary technologies from their earliest embryonic stages, thus we have attempted to provide some answers and we are willing to respond to any questions or reservations you may have about Chemical-Free Cleaning technologies.

Skeptics Corner is for those honest skeptics who have open and healthy questions about this amazing Chemical-Free Cleaning model.

It presents key and important questions and offers an explanation.

You can start your review of the scientific basis behind the claims of Chemical-Free Cleaning technologies at Chemical-Free Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions.

However, we recognize that some of the claims being made for Chemical-Free Cleaning may cause some to wonder about its validity. Therefore, we look forward to addressing any questions, queries or statements that any skeptical person would like to pose. Please do not hesitate to Contact CFCN.

We, at the Chemical-Free Cleaning Network, are firm in the conviction that the scientific basis for the Chemical-Free Cleaning model is valid and indisputable and thus we are fully dedicated to advancing the cause of Chemical-Free Cleaning on behalf of building occupants and workers everywhere as well as our fragile and sensitive environment.