Why should I bother with Chemical-Free Cleaning? I’m already “Green”.
Green is good and much better than the old and more toxic standard. Yet, being “Green” is not the same as no toxins: just lower synthetic chemical doses or artificial chemical alternatives. Chemical-Free Cleaning means no environmental, safety or health impact after using the Chemical-Free Cleaning equipment, technology or materials: No synthetic chemicals that can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed. Chemical-Free Cleaning is better for everyone’s safety, health and our environment. Chemical-Free Cleaning means moving from low synthetics to no artificial chemicals at all after the cleaning process. Which is better for your building?

What do you mean by “Chemical-Free Cleaning”?
Chemical-Free Cleaning means no synthetic chemical residue in the air or on any surface after the cleaning process. The Chemical-Free Cleaning standard means that there is nothing left to contaminate our bodies or our environment.

Who is the Chemical-Free Cleaning Network (CFCN)?
The Chemical-Free Cleaning Network is an organization created to research, evaluate and share information about traditional and emerging technologies and innovations that meet the Chemical-Free Cleaning standard. It is supported by its members and is open to all organizations and individuals who support, adopt or simply express an interest in Chemical-Free Cleaning.

What does CFCN do?
The Chemical-Free Cleaning Network tracks emerging cleaning innovations and technologies. It reaches out to test a Chemical-Free Cleaning claim and provides results for all on its website. The Network will also certify a Manager or Property as a Chemical-Free Cleaning site, if it meets the Chemical-Free Cleaning Network standard. Those Managers and Properties meeting the Chemical-Free Cleaning standard are posted on the CFCN Honor Roll. The Chemical-Free Cleaning Network will provide a guide to the resources needed for organization to implement their own Chemical-Free Cleaning program.

What are the technologies and strategies that might be called “Chemical-Free Cleaning”?
This site features the descriptions of each of the major URL Chemical-Free Cleaning processes.

Why are they Chemical Free?
These unique technologies are able to provide an elevated level of cleaning and sanitizing efficiency without the use of any synthetic chemical substances whatsoever.

Does Chemical-Free Cleaning really clean as well as what I’m doing today?
Clinical results prove that not only is Chemical-Free Cleaning as effective as any synthetic chemical cleaning solution in achieving high levels of hygiene and sanitation, but some of the technologies actually achieve higher kill rates of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses than bleach and ammonia.

Does this really work?
Chemical-Free Cleaning is not a dream or a fantasy or wishful thinking. It is an fundamental set of advanced technologies which are available now.

Who says so?
Many of the world’s leading health and welfare organizations such as the US EPA have certified a number of Chemical-Free Cleaning technologies as effective.

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